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Daren Chong, was named ASIA TOP 30 PHOTOGRAPHER in 2012, 4 years after venturing into wedding photography. He described himself as being a true photojournalist whose passion for creative wedding photography is unparalleled. Armed with strong technical expertise and a distinct photography style, Daren knows precisely when to capture those special moments, hence resulting in timeless images that unveil the powerful emotions between the loving couple. Every expression, every smile, and every loving gaze shared is real and expressed from the depths of their hearts.

Daren’s secret to seizing that ‘magical’ wedding moment is very simply his expressive mind and talent for developing new angles and unique styles to match the differing tastes of each and every client. His easy-going personality helps put wedding couples at ease, allowing them to feel completely uninhibited whilst being photographed. And that makes the entire photograpic journey a breeze. He is drawn to happy vibes typically associated with weddings. Being able to capture the priceless emotions of happiness, laughter and smiles is what fuels Daren’s passion for wedding photography.

In the year of 2015, once again, Daren was voted MALAYSIA TOP 10 WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER follow by another achievement, ASIA 30 OUTSTANDING WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER by TopWeds Asia.

Daren believed in undertaking every wedding assignment personally. To stay ahead of the game, Daren draws inspiration from couples themselves and taps their emotions and energy to fuel his creative juices while keeping a special eye for the moment.